50 Years: Celebration of Dedicated Service

Today we celebrated the 50 years of service of our Fire Police Captain Larry Seip. 1969 was the year Larry was appointed as Captain of the Pennsburg Fire Companys' Fire Police.

Fire Police were created to secure fire and other emergency scenes, traffic and crowd control and to assist firefighters in exterior capacities when called upon.

For 50 years Larry has exemplified what it means to be an excellent fire police officer. Larry has led his group in assisting state and local police officers, the PFC and other mutual aid companies. It goes without saying our scenes are much safer knowing that Larry and the other members of our fire police are there. Operating on our roadways during an emergency is very dangerous, that's never stopped Larry. No matter the time; days, nights, weekends, holidays nor special family events has stopped Larry from responding and risking his life to protect those of the members of the PFC or other mutual aid departments.

During today's event many citations and awards were received. They came from the likes of Pennsburg Boroughs Mayor Vicki Lightcap, Upper Hanover Townships Mike Wetzel, PA Senator Bob Mensch, Pa House Rep Justin Simmons, State Police Troop K (Skippack), the Montgomery County Fire Police Association and the Pennsburg Fire Company. In addition to the members of PFC and their families attendance included members from multiple mutual aid fire police units around the area as well as the Upper Perkiomen Ambulance who have all worked along side Larry over his tenure..

After the awards ceremony everyone enjoyed a catered meal by Mission BBQ and catching up with one another.

All in all it was a very well deserved event for Larry. The best part was that he had no idea this was happening. He thought nothing of it until, in his words "Scott turned down the alley to get to the station, he never does that. Then I saw all of the cars" "You got me" he says.

Thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate this special day and thank you to Larry for the last 50 years of truly dedicated service to the PFC and the community!

Photo Credit: Cindy Bennett

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