NEW! Drager SCBA In-Service

Updated: Jun 10, 2019

Wednesday, May 29th members got their final training and we have placed our new Drager SCBA (self contained breathing apparatus) in service on all trucks.

After many demos, members chose Drager as the new manufacturer of our SCBA. It was decided that we would purchase twenty-two complete PSS-7000 Sentinel packs with forty-four air cylinders, twenty-two FPS-7000 masks with Coms 7000 integrated communications. The communication system allows firefighter wearing masks to communicate wirelessly between other firefighter wearing Drager masks. Also purchased were two RIT (rapid intervention team) Life Guard packs. These packs are utilized to provide breathing air to downed firefighters upon rescue regardless of their pack manufacturer.

We would like to thank the PFC Fireman's Relief Association for taking out a loan through QNB Bank for the purchase. Thank you also to Al Adams of Adams Fire Protection and Mike Bick from Drager for all of your help.

These packs will increase our members safety greatly during emergency operations.

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