The Pennsburg Fire Company is constantly gathering Pre-Plan information from residents and businesses in Pennsburg Borough and Upper Hanover Township. This Pre-Plan information will ONLY be used by the Pennsburg Fire Company to make tactical decisions as well as notify the owner/occupant in the event of an emergency. This information will be safely stored on a computer based system accessible by all fire apparatus and officers of the Pennsburg Fire Company and will only be accessed in the event of an emergency.

The Information that the Pennsburg Fire Company requests is nothing more than emergency contacts, information regarding any hazards that may be present in your household, fire protection features and if possible a floor plan/layout drawing.

The Pennsburg Fire Company regards all information that you are willing to provide us with as an investment in your safety. This investment in safety will enable the Pennsburg Fire Company to provide the community we serve and protect, with a higher level of fire protection and safety.

The Pennsburg Fire Company will be more than willing to conduct Pre-Planning Surveys for all that would be interested. During this survey, a walk-through of your property will be performed at your convenience and all of the below information would be gathered.For a Pre-Plan Survey, please contact us.